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My promise is to continue telling my story to bring awareness to the disease of brain cancer. It is not a common cancer but has proven to be the most deadly so it’s important that everyone knows how much research is needed to find a cure in order to save lives.


Finding out about my re-occurrence was devastating news. I had prayed so hard and believed the first tumor was a complete fluke and it would never return and here I was not even a year later with signs of its return. It was also really hard because there were no treatments available to treat it at the time. I had to fly to Duke for a clinical trial three times to try a drug that may work.


Unfortunately, it didn’t and the tumor grew 33% in the six weeks I was on the clinical drug. Fortunately, the drug did get approved to treat low-grade glioma‘s. However, my tumor had become a GBM IV so it only agitated the tumor making it more aggressive.


Since there are no treatments available my only option was surgery. My surgeon did not want to go in without a goal in mind so he told me to “live my life” and I would know when it was time for surgery. I had emergency brain surgery 2 months after being dismissed from the clinical trial.

Just prior to my surgery, the surgeon told me if he removed all of the tumor then my left side would be completely paralyzed. I asked him if he could just remove some of it and leave my left side functioning; he said he would do his best.


After waking up from an eight hour brain surgery I was able to move my left side. However, there was still existing tumor. This is when they gave me six months to live because he did not believe the treatments would get rid of the remaining tumor. This is when I decided not to believe the doctors or the statistics and fight with everything I had to beat the deadly mass that was still left in my brain.


I pray you will do the same. 

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Heather Knies
Inspirational Speaker
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